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I would LOVE it if someone here could get me started on figuring out how to create a box like that that "drops down" to allow you to delete a comment in your journal (click on the red X)

I know this probably isn't perl driven...but somebody here has to have it better figured out than me!

Thank you sooo much.

Perl and S2

Okay, I guess I'll start with what I'm trying to accomplish. What I want is to have a line automatically inserted into the begining of all the entries displayed on my Recents Page that reads either "Dear exampleusername," or "Dear Reader," if they're not logged in. Now, I'm looking at the viewer_logged_in and viewer_is_owner subroutines to try and figure out how the "viewer" is being determined. Those sub's are copied here for your convience.Collapse )

Unfortuantly I don't know Perl well enough to disect those into purely what's determing the "viewer". Has anyone tried to do this before and if so did you get it to work? Some help would be appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. Don't worry about implementing that text line into the entries in an S2 style, I'll figure that out once I get this.

[Edit for community compliance] I have a Paid Account.

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Hi everyone. Is it possible for me to log an individual user name from LJ? I am currently writing(or trying) a Perl script to log the user's name, and date of adding my community to his or her friend list. In our info, we allow them to join for 48 hours without posting the application to become an 'official' member, afterwards they are removed from the list. Seeing as how I will rarely keep track of this, I would like to create a script that counts down for me, and if the allotted time is up, e-mails me about it. Any help would be appreciated.
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Checking frined update in the background

Hey folks,

Playing with a goofy LiveJournal client type application in Perl and am trying to decide the best way for dealing with checking for new friends posts in the background while maintaining real time input checking. Can anyone point me towards the best way to handle this?

Originally I tried alarms, but that doesn't seem to work well with Perl objects. I'm guessing I'm going to need to go to a thread oriented approach.
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LiveJournal.pm v1.3

Well, after delays from a wiped out hard drive here is LiveJournal.pm
version 1.3. Changes in this version:

  • Added support for 'command' and 'address' in LiveJournalrc (for cf)
  • Changed LiveJournal::Friend->edit() to use its own numbers instead of requiring that they be passed
  • Added LiveJournal::Friend->add() as an interface to edit(). Used to add one friend

Losing all the perl/Tk stuff I had done was disheartening to say the least. (Backups are a _good_ _idea_).

Unfortunately I haven't been working on the Tk client. I've become addicted to Reason for the past week. I did, however make some updates to the cf script to support some terminal stuff and popping a web browser.

Anyway, the module is located here for your downloading pleasure.
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Poll script

lj-poll, a crappy little Perl script to help create polls. This is going into a future version of Clint (maybe LJ::Client, too), and I figure other Perl developers will be interested in it.
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I snuck 0.3.2 out the door on Friday. Some minor bug/typo fixes (thanks to Curtis), and some redundant code was moved around.

Unless someone finds some fairly serious bugs, I'm going to finish up the POD, declare the API frozen, make some minor changes to the friends function internals, and release it as 0.4.0. Anyone who wants to release a stable client using LJ::Client should probably target that version.

Anyone who does make a LJ::Client-using client, I can host it with a webpage/screenshots for you if you need space, just reply to this with a comment.
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cclj 0.051

Well, cclj 0.051 is now out.

I tested 0.05, made a few changes, and forgot to test it before I uploaded the tar.gz file! Both it and LJ::Client each had a bug that I hadn't noticed!

So I quickly fixed those and this version will be uploaded in a few minutes.

(Bottom line? If this posts, it gets uploaded!)
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first post!!

Hello, and welcome to lj_perl. This group was created to discuss (oddly enough) LiveJournal and Perl. I think originally it was for LiveJournal client implementations. However, since the server is going to be released and is written mostly in Perl, I don't see any problems with discussing the server code here as well.

You probably already know about (or write) the Perl client implementations in development and located around this directory.

I just added a file to this directory called cf. It's a script that notifies you when any of your friends has updated their journal. There's no GUI yet like LJUpdate that was recently posted in lj_dev, but it's functional and a decent demonstration of LiveJournal.pm. Let me know if you have any problems with it. I just whipped it up today after reading about the windows one.
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